Business processes to be proactive

Business Processes Help Make Your Business Proactive

Business Process Tips Below are a few common business processes you can implement in your business.  These processes will help turn your small business from a reactive to a proactive state.   I have found in my practice that you are missing these processes, because you are understandably focused on your craft.  Business processes aren’t necessarily your specialty, Read More


Use Brainstorming to Develop your Project Plan

Project brainstorming is something that can honestly make or break your project. It is the time your team comes together to think of the pros and the cons, all the things that need to happen, and the assumed order in which those things should take place. It’s a time when your team feels heard and Read More


Improve Productivity by Routing Your Day

How Does Routing Improve Productivity? Recently in our Productivity Toolbox Facebook group I talked about routing and how it helps to improve overall productivity by saving you time and money.  What is routing?  it is the act or process by which you plan out and route your journey so you follow the path of least resistance. Read More


Welcome to the Productivity Toolbox!!!

Come on into our Productivity Toolbox Home! I am so excited that you have stopped by to check out the Productivity Toolbox!  I have been hard at work trying to get this thing off the ground and I am so happy to say it is here!  Now, bare with me  a little while longer as Read More